Photograph by Rankin

Inesa De La Roche

Inesa De La Roche is a leading female photographer working on films produced by studios such as FOX, PARAMOUNT PICTURES, WARNER BROTHERS and with many  independent film studios, film-makers and the greatest directors of commercials.


Besides photographing Hollywood film stars, Inesa De La Roche directs, creates and produces Electronic Press Kit, she interviews Award winning actors, directors and film producers for the promotional release of the movies...

She photographs actors, film-makers,  fashionistas, musicians, artists, celebrities, royal family members, business professionals and creative projects for commercial or personal and private usage. 

Inesa is also a conceptual multimedia artist: She manifests her visions as a film-maker, actress, performer, writer and a poet. Through her work she manifests stories, sculpts and freezes time and explores the depth of feelings whilst unfolding her visions in mysterious ways.

Her creativity allows her to jump into the unknown, engaging and amercing herself with the intensity of life and expressing it through her art...